Avery Barn 10pc Multi Color Foldable Hangers With 16ft Outdoor Clothesline Rope


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Dryers are a convinient way to dry your clothes but comes with the expense of high electricity bill. Use our foldable hangers and 5m outdoor clothesline rope to dry your clothes outside under the sun to minimize your electricity bill. These hangers are great for travel as they can be folded into a compact size that can easily be stashed away. The clothesline rope is designed so that you don’t need any tool to setup. There is a hook at the end of the rope which makes adjusting the length effortless and the special design prevents hangers from moving around when windy. If your going to dry your clothes outside, use this to make things easier!

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED to setup your own clothesline with foldable hangers
  • MINIMAL hardware needed to setup windproof clothesline by just using the end hook to adjust length
  • FOLDABLE HANGERS – Collapsable design saves extra space when your not using them
  • CONVENIENT to take with you on a small trip out of country or when you go camping outdoors
  • SAVES MONEY – Dryers use up a lot of electricity so why not hang dry your clothes under the sun

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