Avery Barn 4pc Kitchen Cleaning Scrubber And Dishwashing Brush Ball Tools Bundle


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No matter who you are or where you live, cleaning is a mandatory duty for all household. Our kitchen cleaning scrubber and dishwashing brush balls help you easily clean even the most toughest stain on kitchenware, bathtubs, tiles, walls, floors, etc. This bundle comes with 1 short and 1 extended handle with 4 scrubbers to tackle every type of cleaning. The scrubbers are approximately 2.7 in. in diameter and can be easily interchanged on the handles. They come in neon green color so you can always spot these cleaning tool!

  • STRONG & DURABLE to take out the toughest stains on kitchenware, bathtubs, tiles, walls, floors, etc
  • EASY TO CLEAN short and long handle helps grip the scrubbers firmly
  • LONG LASTING scrubber heads that helps you save money
  • PERFECT SIZED scrubbers (2.7 in. diameter) for any type of cleaning big or small
  • NEON GREEN colored so you can spot them from afar and distinguish from other supplies
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